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Is it really the food?


So what’s the third destination then?

You wouldn’t believe it, it’s the food street in Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur!

Is it solely the Malaysian authentic food that is a come-on to tourists, visitors and even locals which magnetize people to visit this place and come back repeatedly when in KL?

First, contrary to popular opinion, Jalan Alor’s food street is not limited to authentic Malaysian food, but rather a melting pot of several varieties of dishes, Asian Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Western, and many more !  From noodle snacks, to light meal, heavy dinner, uniquely concocted beverages, uncommon desserts, you name it, they have it there in Jalan Alor!

Second, as the namesake states, “food street,” visitors are not treated to the luxury and elegance of a carpeted five-star dining place, instead, an open-air dining, thick with charcoal smoke from the frantically searing roast of chicken, pork, beef and fish skewers near your dining table. The intense clanking sound and the appetizing smell of food coming from the metal frying woks and steaming Chinese casseroles.

Third, the ambiance is contrary to the spic-and-span of the French alfresco dining ambiance.  Instead, visitors dine in plastic tables and chairs and eat in colorful plastic plates, bowls and serving trays with plastic spoon and fork.

Fourth, food can be ordered at hawker stalls along the street or from the posters clinging on the glass walls and counters of the restaurants at the sidewalk, contrary to lining down in an artistically decorated buffet table or holding a leather-cased menu booklet to choose a meal.

Fifth, in sharp contrast to the posh and ritzy over-priced dining places, Jalan Alor is a self-effacing and unpretentious dining location with delectable culinary delights.

What makes Jalan Alor an extraordinary and unforgettable experience worthy of coming back again when in KL ? It’s the unique, vibrant and frenzied ambience of the street food scenario with individuals from different cultures gathered together with a common goal, to join in this experience and satisfy their individual penchant for foodie stalls. It’s just like experiencing Malaysian culture translated to cooking and food.

It’s the poignant animation of the street food scene, and of course the piquant and savory food which are priced reasonably which appeals to different individuals to come to Jalan Alor and be a part of this unique experience.

This place is a “must-visit” and “must-taste” for food lovers, here are seven (7) of the popular food and where to taste it when in Jalan Alor.

1 – Barbecue Chicken Wings, at Wong Ah Wah. This restaurant has more than 30 years of experience. They started with chicken specialties, now they have a full range of “dai-chow-“styled dishes.

2 – Grilled Seafood, try the Grilled Chicken Fish, at Meng Kee Grilled Fish. They also offer different sea food dishes that are grilled to perfection.

3 – Penang Pork Noodles, at Hong Kee. They have been selling pork noodles on Jalan Alor for 30 years. This dish has pork soup flavored by pork innards, meatballs and minced meat.

4 – Dried Chili Chicken, at Wong Ah Wah.

5 – Variety of Satay, at Fat Brothers Satay.  They offer different seafoods in skewers, like big prawns, baby squid, fresh vegetables, chicken, pork and even frogs. They come with delicious dipping sauces complimenting the char from the grill. Satay dishes may be fried, roasted or boiled.

6 – Original Sze Chuan Food, at Kedai Minuman & Makanan TKS. They serve original Chinese food and  authentic stir fried Sze Chuan food.

7- Sister’s Drunken Chicken Noodles, at Restoran Beh Brothers.  This is a ginger wine chicken noodles, cooked over long hours with a very delicious broth with mee sua (vermicelli noodles), tender chicken and ginger omelet.



Are you in for this unique street foodie experience ? Head to Jalan Alor when in KL, you can never miss it because it’s in the heart of the Golden Triangle Area.


I hope this post is super valuable to your nextStreet Food Experience in Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

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